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As much as ASO guides are overused these days, some people are still afraid to jump in. Here are the basics. Launch Kit is a very helpful tool that I have used cpimobi create screenshots (getting the dimensions right for cpimobi device is a very pesky cpimobi and also offers an easy way to make a clean looking app splash page. Apple reviews apps before publishing them to the App Store, and sticking your app in the absolute wrong category for ASO purposes will probably mean a reject stamp. The platform analyzes the relevancy of titles and app descriptions; tracks app statistics; allows users to upload their iTunes and display them graphically; helps users track statistics of their competitors and compare them with buyers on the same graph. Little apps are doing any ASO but it will definetly start to become more important, similar to how SEO started back in the day, now SEO is essential to even rank in Google.app store optimization

If you don’t have the luxury of an A/B testing tool telling you whether your optimization produced a better result, one of the most common forms of correlation is pre-post analysis. Giving the rating such a weight is a way to make sure app developers don’t cheat by paying for installs to boost their Top Charts rankings. While the app store algorithms are not as well studied as search engine algorithms, strong use of highly relevant and indicative keywords is key to driving relevant traffic towards your app page. By keeping keywords current and focused on your target market, it assures that you’ll stay on top of the search results. Indeed, keywords from the app title, the app publisher name, the in-app purchases and the app category are used to rank apps as well. Also, try to expand the quantity of important keywords by using keyword suggestions in found in app stores or search engines.


There’s a good reason so many apps prompt you to app marketing ios mobile marketing agency and review after you’ve been using the app for a while. The most common tools include App Annie, Sensor Tower, TUNE (formerly MobileDevHQ), Mobile Action and Searchman. It’s the very first thing people will see (along with your icon) and it’s what will let them know if your app is relevant to the search they’ve made or not. The app store funnel starts with mobile users searching the app store for apps and deciding which of the results to install and use. Some call it the new SEO, and many app marketers have jumped on the trend to support their user acquisition goals.

The company has too many strict demands for developers, while it’s easier and faster to get apps underway in the Google Play Market. This is usually the most important aspect to consider when picking a keyword (after relevance of the keyword for the given app). By optimizing your app’s metadata, you will increase your app’s authority in the App Store and position in the search results. As mentioned above, try targeting about 10 keywords and repeat them about 5 times each, combined with various other keywords. Their creative capabilities and devotion to ongoing optimization led to a very prominent spot in the app store. Draw people in with an eye catching opening paragraph, and then convince them to download your app by listing all the cool things your app can do.

  • In order to achieve high results in the Apple App Store, your app will need to have a lot of downloads in the previous 72 hours.
  • There are even tools to help you choose them – MobileDevHQ , AppTweak , Sensor Tower , SearchMan and App Store Rankings , for example – which will help you to find the keywords that will elevate your brand highest in the search rankings.
  • Instead, think of them as promotional graphics that incorporate app screenshots to show the action of the app and the benefits of using it in a visual form.
  • If you don’t have your own app to practice on, then see if you have a friend that would be willing to let you do their ASO. Check here for a growing list of case studies to show what results you could be achieving with our services. Your app description isn’t even a consideration until people scroll down, and even then your text is truncated behind a more” link after the first 1-3 lines. App Annie – ASO, store intelligence tool: freemium, $60/app/month or $599/month.

    Taking the keywords you just selected, modify your app title in such a way that the most important keywords are included in it. App store optimization is a process, and regular testing, tracking, and optimizing every element of your app page and listing. Examine all the keywords present in their app name, description (for Google Play) and use the Ranked Keywords” feature from AppTweak to check their top ranking keywords. There are a bunch of localization services that efficiently translate your app’s keywords, description, name and even screen shots to demographics and segments beyond the English-speaking world. By tracking and analyzing how you rank for specific keywords in comparison to your competitors, you take an important step towards optimizing your app store performance.

    Apple and Google have different character limits for the app title, and enforce their own rules differently, but leading with your app’s most important features is a strategy that delivers more relevant search traffic and users. We study your app, analyze your competitors, and analyze our suggestions with at least five ASO tools. Caption: Twitter shrinks the screenshots on their app product page and then adds short, descriptive text to each. App YouTube Demo: This is a relatively new feature in the Play Store which allows you to upload a YouTube video of your app in action.


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